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Board of Directors and Officers
July 1, 2023

Officers for 2023-2024 Term 
President - Damon Leggett 
Vice   President - Tiffany Bodiford 
Secretary   - Connie Sanchez
Treasurer   - Patricia Knight

Term Ending June 30, 2024 
Paige Colson

Denise Hudson

Damon Leggett 
Jay Lindsey

Lewrissa Johns

Amy Owens

Christine Smith

Jonathan Smith

Shannon Smith

Stephanie Smith

Term Ending June 30, 2025
Clif Bradley

Kristi Crane

Shae Crawford

Tommy Darus

Denny George

Lisa Hudson

Trip Lancaster

Michael McElroy

Madi Redd

Betsy Weatherilt

Lyle Wilkerson


Term Ending June 30, 2026

Natasha Allen

Tiffany Bodiford

Michelle Crawford

Adam Elliott

Patricia Knight

Paula Marczynski

Scott Osteen

Natalie Rankin

Connie Sanchez
Julie Thomas
Marilyn Thompson


Director of Emeritus
Doug Beach
Judy Boles

Jesse Brannen
Anita Bryant

Susan Bryant
Thomas Bryant

Jose Cintron
Richard Cunningham
Suzie DeChamplain

D. Ray Harrison

Jim Jones

Howell Lancaster

Skeets McKoy
Eugene Osteen
Roger Pittman
Iris Roberts

Robert Townsend

(see photo and tribute below)

The Board meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Gilchrist County School Board office.  Those with business are welcome to attend.  Contact us to be added to the agenda.

Rest Peacefully dear friend

Robert Clyde Townsend


Robert enjoyed living life. If you knew Robert, you knew he lived to take care of others. He was the most caring, funny, compassionate, self-less, and genuine man you have ever met. Every once in a while, God sends those extra special people into the world as His gift and our blessing; that’s what Robert was … everyone’s gift from God. He always gave… never once dared to receive. He always taught… never once failed to inspire. He always smiled… never once wore a frown. He always was a friend… never once a foe.

Damon Leggett, Foundation President, presenting plaques to Howell Lancaster, Susan Bryant and D. Ray Harrison at the Scholarship Showdown on August 8, 2014


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